This page contains information about obfc-ng, the Optimizing BF Compiler. BF is a computationally complete (i.e. Turing complete) programming language created by Urban Mueller. obfc-ng is not inteded to be used in a software development environment. Instead we aim to create a well-documented body of source code demonstrating theoretical and experimental aspects of compiler design and a forum for compiler- and optimization-related experimentation and discussion.

Please visit the Wiki or the SourceForge Project Page for more information.

obfc-ng is based loosely on obfc, which was developed by Manuel Tobias Schiller. After some discussion, we both decided that the improvements we had in mind were so drastic that we should start fresh and leave the original project intact for historical purposes. The original obfc was implemented in C instead of C++ and had a much more primitive internal representation for BF syntax that limited the kinds of operations the compiled programs could support.

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